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Live your Life..Like a Fairy Tale ..

Posting snaps from the recent Photo session..Loved the couple smile and the pictures reflect the beauty of Love..



Lonely Tree & a Lovely couple.

Mega Image #7:

I had this Idea of stitching an Entire Tree . The lonely tree and the lovely couple added awesomeness to this pic.

Also this pic is the smallest stitch in my Mega image series. This is a 60mp file resulting from 6 vertical image stitch.


Varun ❤ Namrata

Officially the first photo shoot in Spring. After two weeks of good rain, flowers have started to Blossom every where. Finally it’s a relief from the cold weather. We headed to the Busse woods with two newly wed couples. The two lovely couples made the frame complete with their presence.

A quick sneak peek from today’s shoot.