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In the End

This picture that I took  in the Dunes, reminded me of steve Job’s  standford commencement speech ..

“Death is very likely the single best invention of Life. It is Life’s change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new…”


It’s been a While & A long way to Go

Woow it’s been very long time that I posted anything here ..I was busy working and traveling . Recent short trips to state parks around the house to the long Road trips, Each and every trip has taught me a lot. Understanding new people , Observing new cultures , seeing new geography..Above all every trip has given me a great photo opportunity. I love each and every moment I move out from the coziness of the couch.

As many bloggers I follow, I don’t know how to write captivating stories. I think too much, but when I start penning, my words are lost in thin air. But I do what I do Best..I can produce visually delighting pictures 😉 [atleast I think so…ha ha  ].

So starting from today, I am going to concentrate more on my pics than to fill the blog with my words..So I chose the below pic , more apt to my topic of discussion. A long way to Go before I Achieve my goals, before I create my own Artistic style , before I sell my first pic, before even I make a living out of this craft..Certainly a Long Way to GO..

The Above pic was taken during our  Travel from Monument Valley to Arches national Park..This long road symbolize the long but steady road to reach your destiny..

[HDR version, created from 3 diff exposures. My fav ;)..]

It feels so good writing this blog today..Have a GN /GM / GA guys..

The Company

In our recent 3 day caming trip, we had all the worlds time for ourselves and I had an awesome time. That set my mind off to think, what makes a trip wonderful & memorable?, which makes you keep thinking of it even after a week passed by. And also when you are going to be in the woods for the next 3 days, what’s the one important thing that you should have taken with you?. The Answer to both is  ‘The Company’.

“A company can make or Break a trip.”

You want like minded people, people who can enjoy the nature , enjoy silence , have healthy conversations , Can help out each other and above all you can be yourselves. All this can happen when you are with the right company.

When we set out to woods on this long weekend and when my wife and her friend were busy packing the food supplies, all I had in my mind is how light or heavy should I pack my camera bag. I just received my light stand and I want to experiment it in outdoors. So I was trying a way to squeeze in with our luggage. So when we set out camp ground, I knew for sure that all I had for the next 3 days is all the time for myself and my experiments. And our friends who accompanied were well aware that I would sit for hours fiddling with my camera than lending my hand in preparing food.

So the result of all this, I had my card full of images and one filled heart with wonderful memories.

You can check my Weed and Sunrise all taken during our camping trip.

Sun setting on us as we were preparing gor our Eve BBQ.

Our Eve chat was endless. It extended till late nights and even made us worry that it would go till early morning :). This time I experimented with external flash to get this lovely blue exposure, which otherwise would have been pitch black.

Early morning View from our tent. The day was fresh , green , dew filled and beautiful in its own way.