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Snow White – Part II

One more Image of the Wifey in the Mega Image series.



Snow White

This time the snow was almost Knee deep and it kept snowing. Now again , I have to work with the available model, who would be brave enough to pose in the adverse conditions .  So, one more portrait of the wifey :).



Tech Jargons: A 16034X 13587 image, resulting in a 460 MP file.

Portrait in Snow

This year has been crazy with snow storms. Till the end of Jan, there was less to no snow fall in Chicago.  And towards the end of Winter, we are  practically having a snow Storm every week. Though Bitter cold, snow is always interesting  and provides with beautiful photo opportunities.

This Portrait is also the result of a multiple pics. This time 26 pics stitched into a Panaroma, resulting in a whooping 500 MP image :).




To Show the clarity of the pic. I have attached the Cropped version of this Image in various Dimensions. Below Image is the result of 25% crop.

Cropped Image - 25%

Image cropped at 90%




















Now the Image cropped to 200% and still the clarity holds good.


Winter Wonderland


Winter Wonderland