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Horse Shoe Bend

This Snap was taken during our recent Road trip..This is a lovely place to visit during the trip to Arizona or Utah. This is a moderate , small uphill hike which will leave u speechless.


It’s been a While & A long way to Go

Woow it’s been very long time that I posted anything here ..I was busy working and traveling . Recent short trips to state parks around the house to the long Road trips, Each and every trip has taught me a lot. Understanding new people , Observing new cultures , seeing new geography..Above all every trip has given me a great photo opportunity. I love each and every moment I move out from the coziness of the couch.

As many bloggers I follow, I don’t know how to write captivating stories. I think too much, but when I start penning, my words are lost in thin air. But I do what I do Best..I can produce visually delighting pictures 😉 [atleast I think so…ha ha  ].

So starting from today, I am going to concentrate more on my pics than to fill the blog with my words..So I chose the below pic , more apt to my topic of discussion. A long way to Go before I Achieve my goals, before I create my own Artistic style , before I sell my first pic, before even I make a living out of this craft..Certainly a Long Way to GO..

The Above pic was taken during our  Travel from Monument Valley to Arches national Park..This long road symbolize the long but steady road to reach your destiny..

[HDR version, created from 3 diff exposures. My fav ;)..]

It feels so good writing this blog today..Have a GN /GM / GA guys..

Yellow Stone ( Unprepared Awesome trip )

All pics uploaded here were taken during our 4 day trip to Wyoming ( Yellow Stone national park) . me , My wife & my 2 close school buddies teamed up for this trip. This was an incredible journey from start to finish. We did not have any plan in mind, did not ask anyone the must places to visit and it was an unprepared trip.

Each one was having a tough time at office and were badly in need of a break. So booked our tickets on the last min and headed out to the woods to catch up some fun which is lost in the mundane cubicle job. The nature was so inviting , land undisturbed by buzzing busy human mammals. It was more fun than anticipated.