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In Love

This Image is one more in the Mega Image Series.

Technical Info – 14 images / Dimensions – 12913 × 9874 / Resolution – 127MP


100% Crop of the Original.



Snow White – Part II

One more Image of the Wifey in the Mega Image series.


Snow White

This time the snow was almost Knee deep and it kept snowing. Now again , I have to work with the available model, who would be brave enough to pose in the adverse conditions .  So, one more portrait of the wifey :).



Tech Jargons: A 16034X 13587 image, resulting in a 460 MP file.

Portrait Panorama

WordPress has come handy yet another time. I created a Portrait panorama with 28 images, which resulted in 511 mega pixel image with Image dimensions of 20393 × 8770. And the only site to stand it was WordPress , when flickr , FB and 500px turned it down.

Bhar Creative Pano