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Any Good scenery is not so good without the presence of people in love.


One Night @ Arches

This pic was the highlight of our Road trip . This Arch in the entire national park has got a star status. Because of it’s unique formation , the difficulty in finding, what finding even viewing it and also it is the symbol of the state of Utah.

After hearing and reading about the tales of this Arch, we decided to hike ( 2.4 KM hike oneway on the mountains 😦 ) on  what the experts had classified as a moderately strenuous. we saved this hike for the end of the day to view sunset and do some star gazing. When we reached the top, the crowd had disappeared and the entire arch was left to us..

It was completely dark and we were accompanied by one more photographer Ty ( who happened to be  the National Sales manager of Lowepro )..Together for the next few hrs till midnight we light painted the arch.

The light streak at the bottom is my wife lying down and lighting the entire Arch.


After midnight Ty decided to leave and we decided to stay the entire night there . lying beneath the mighty Arch accompanied by the the summer breeze and pitch Darkness…The next day morning when the crowd started coming up, we slowly climbed down to resume our trip…












In the Middle of the night, Deep in woods, when the sky is clear , with no sight of either moon or clouds and if you are surrounded by pitch darkness, you get lucky to view the entire sky filled with amazing twinkles.

And on the lighter note, Stars don’t twinkle..You add them in post to make them look like :)..Enjoi the amazing dispaly of lights shining millions of light years away..

Morning, Eve & Night

This post is a continuation of all the pics that I shot during our camping trip. When I look back in my sys for all the images shoot, I could see that I have spent all 3 days during camping, just shooting pics.

Just opposite to our camp site, we had a small lake in which people were fishing from morning. In the eve during this golden hour , I was surprised to see that every one had left and were busy either cooking or doing BBQ. So the entire shore was all to me , So I sat there all alone enjoying the beautiful sunset.

Next day morning , me and my wifey woke up to watch Sunrise . After watching sunrise, when we were returning to our camp tent , we saw this lonely tree  and felt compelled to click the last snap of the day.

Ok Guys..It feels good to blog after long time. Have a GN / GM  folks.

The Company

In our recent 3 day caming trip, we had all the worlds time for ourselves and I had an awesome time. That set my mind off to think, what makes a trip wonderful & memorable?, which makes you keep thinking of it even after a week passed by. And also when you are going to be in the woods for the next 3 days, what’s the one important thing that you should have taken with you?. The Answer to both is  ‘The Company’.

“A company can make or Break a trip.”

You want like minded people, people who can enjoy the nature , enjoy silence , have healthy conversations , Can help out each other and above all you can be yourselves. All this can happen when you are with the right company.

When we set out to woods on this long weekend and when my wife and her friend were busy packing the food supplies, all I had in my mind is how light or heavy should I pack my camera bag. I just received my light stand and I want to experiment it in outdoors. So I was trying a way to squeeze in with our luggage. So when we set out camp ground, I knew for sure that all I had for the next 3 days is all the time for myself and my experiments. And our friends who accompanied were well aware that I would sit for hours fiddling with my camera than lending my hand in preparing food.

So the result of all this, I had my card full of images and one filled heart with wonderful memories.

You can check my Weed and Sunrise all taken during our camping trip.

Sun setting on us as we were preparing gor our Eve BBQ.

Our Eve chat was endless. It extended till late nights and even made us worry that it would go till early morning :). This time I experimented with external flash to get this lovely blue exposure, which otherwise would have been pitch black.

Early morning View from our tent. The day was fresh , green , dew filled and beautiful in its own way.

Weed – An Unloved Flower

Weed – This is always unloved, but weed has beauty, it still participates in the spring pollination cycle alike all flowers and is a source for food and does feeds many insects. Yet it is unloved. But it is beautiful and worth being looked at, loved and photographed.

This is my take on all weeds ;)..

Magic @ the Golden Hrs.

I have been away from blogging for almost a week. Job kept me engaged and I did not want to stress myself with the Edit-365 project. I think art is a creative outlet from ur routine work and creativity can’t be forced. I really want to take time to enjoy the work rather than doing it for the sake of doing..

This long weekend I set out with my wife and 2 of our good friends for camping in the woods. The State park that we chose was very close to the beach and I wanted to wake my lazy bone at least a day to see how magnificent the early sunrise would be. And when I went on Monday morning, I wasn’t disappointed with the scene that unfolded in fron of my eyes. The horizon was filled with vivid colors and when the first streak of the sun rose, it enriched all the colors in the sky for a brief moment making the scene absolutely awesome.

Technical Info : I used a ND filter to limit the amount of light to produce a long exposure, thus producing the silky effect with the water.

Ok All..Signing of for tonight. GN..