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Buckingham Fountain – Chicago

This saturday we went on a eve stroll at downtown Chicago and this image was taken during our casual eve stroll. When we arrived to this fountain, we saw that the music was playing and the fountain was raising and falling acc to the music. There was a huge crowd in front of it and when I tried to click one decent pic ,I was getting all peoples heads in my image. So decided to check the other side where the crowd was less and to be honest the least explored side was the best side. I got a complete view of the fountain with the skyline as the backdrop. I set my tripod, relaxed and while enjoying the spectacular show I took my time in framing the image with the entire chicago downtown view.

Tech info : This image is a panoramic stitch of 2 individual long exposure images. check this link for a better clarity image.

Ok folks, Signing off for tonight. GN / GM guys..