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Seeing is Not Always Believing :)

பேசும் படம் / Motion Pix #2 .

Quote #1 – “Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?”

Quote #2 – “Seeing is not always believing.”

I Recently read these 2 quotes and I decided to make one Image to emphasize the inner meaning 😉 or should I say tried to do some justice to these quotes 🙂

So here it is, yet another post in the பேசும் படம் series.


Motion Pix

Breezy Spring .

First attempt on creating a Animated GIF.  Video + Picture = Motion Pix / பேசும் படம் .

p.s: Allow the page to load for few secs to see the animation. Usually it takes less than 5 secs to load on any browser

New Kid on Blog

This is going to be my first post on this blogging world. Like I said , I am this new kid on this blog(ging space) . I am naive, I have lot to learn and lot more to explore.

I had no intention of creating this page, until I hit a road block when I first created my first  moving picture (GIF) file. There is no option in FB, Flickr , 500px or youtube where you can upload this GIF  file, they either have a format restriction or sites like tumblr even though they allow they have a dimension and size restriction. The only option you have is to upload to your own site, hence this blog site was born :).

This is not a complete GIF art, this is part still & a part video . Since there is no official term yet for this type of photography, I am going to coin  it as  ‘ பேசும் படம் / Pesum padam  ( Image that Speaks ) ‘.

பேசும் படம் = Image +  Video .