Vijay – Soorya Couples Shoot

This couples / friends accepted for an outdoor shoot. So what is so special about this shot is, It was shot in the Subzero temperatures of North Dakota. This was taken in Harsh conditions as the mercury dropped to -23 °C / -9°F. So when the weather was all against us, the electronics started playing spoil sport. The batteries started dropping dead and the flash misfired 9 out of 10 times 🙂 not to miss the fact that  we started loosing senses in our hands and toes. And we were just out for 30 mins :).

Though we suffered from bitter cold. Now when we look back at the snaps , we see the all smiles and happy memories.

The smoke was just from the heavy breathing in Cold ..

In Luv

The Strongest is the Weakest

Loose Yourself









All Alone..

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.
Only the Shadow that Stays…

In the End

This picture that I took  in the Dunes, reminded me of steve Job’s  standford commencement speech ..

“Death is very likely the single best invention of Life. It is Life’s change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new…”

In ♥

Any Good scenery is not so good without the presence of people in love.

One Night @ Arches

This pic was the highlight of our Road trip . This Arch in the entire national park has got a star status. Because of it’s unique formation , the difficulty in finding, what finding even viewing it and also it is the symbol of the state of Utah.

After hearing and reading about the tales of this Arch, we decided to hike ( 2.4 KM hike oneway on the mountains 😦 ) on  what the experts had classified as a moderately strenuous. we saved this hike for the end of the day to view sunset and do some star gazing. When we reached the top, the crowd had disappeared and the entire arch was left to us..

It was completely dark and we were accompanied by one more photographer Ty ( who happened to be  the National Sales manager of Lowepro )..Together for the next few hrs till midnight we light painted the arch.

The light streak at the bottom is my wife lying down and lighting the entire Arch.


After midnight Ty decided to leave and we decided to stay the entire night there . lying beneath the mighty Arch accompanied by the the summer breeze and pitch Darkness…The next day morning when the crowd started coming up, we slowly climbed down to resume our trip…












In the Middle of the night, Deep in woods, when the sky is clear , with no sight of either moon or clouds and if you are surrounded by pitch darkness, you get lucky to view the entire sky filled with amazing twinkles.

And on the lighter note, Stars don’t twinkle..You add them in post to make them look like :)..Enjoi the amazing dispaly of lights shining millions of light years away..

It’s been a While & A long way to Go

Woow it’s been very long time that I posted anything here ..I was busy working and traveling . Recent short trips to state parks around the house to the long Road trips, Each and every trip has taught me a lot. Understanding new people , Observing new cultures , seeing new geography..Above all every trip has given me a great photo opportunity. I love each and every moment I move out from the coziness of the couch.

As many bloggers I follow, I don’t know how to write captivating stories. I think too much, but when I start penning, my words are lost in thin air. But I do what I do Best..I can produce visually delighting pictures 😉 [atleast I think so…ha ha  ].

So starting from today, I am going to concentrate more on my pics than to fill the blog with my words..So I chose the below pic , more apt to my topic of discussion. A long way to Go before I Achieve my goals, before I create my own Artistic style , before I sell my first pic, before even I make a living out of this craft..Certainly a Long Way to GO..

The Above pic was taken during our  Travel from Monument Valley to Arches national Park..This long road symbolize the long but steady road to reach your destiny..

[HDR version, created from 3 diff exposures. My fav ;)..]

It feels so good writing this blog today..Have a GN /GM / GA guys..

Buckingham Fountain – Chicago

This saturday we went on a eve stroll at downtown Chicago and this image was taken during our casual eve stroll. When we arrived to this fountain, we saw that the music was playing and the fountain was raising and falling acc to the music. There was a huge crowd in front of it and when I tried to click one decent pic ,I was getting all peoples heads in my image. So decided to check the other side where the crowd was less and to be honest the least explored side was the best side. I got a complete view of the fountain with the skyline as the backdrop. I set my tripod, relaxed and while enjoying the spectacular show I took my time in framing the image with the entire chicago downtown view.

Tech info : This image is a panoramic stitch of 2 individual long exposure images. check this link for a better clarity image.

Ok folks, Signing off for tonight. GN / GM guys..

Morning, Eve & Night

This post is a continuation of all the pics that I shot during our camping trip. When I look back in my sys for all the images shoot, I could see that I have spent all 3 days during camping, just shooting pics.

Just opposite to our camp site, we had a small lake in which people were fishing from morning. In the eve during this golden hour , I was surprised to see that every one had left and were busy either cooking or doing BBQ. So the entire shore was all to me , So I sat there all alone enjoying the beautiful sunset.

Next day morning , me and my wifey woke up to watch Sunrise . After watching sunrise, when we were returning to our camp tent , we saw this lonely tree  and felt compelled to click the last snap of the day.

Ok Guys..It feels good to blog after long time. Have a GN / GM  folks.

Holy Smokes

After shooting family portraits for straight 2 weekends, I decided to do some outdoor/nature photography today. But the summer heat of 93°F kept me in the whole day. So I decided to do few Indoor photography, and took my long list of must do’s and started searching which  ones can be done indoors with the available prop’s available at home. I zeroed on the smoke photography, since it requires a incandesant stick , a black background and a Speedlite.

So here goes my today’s try.

Signing off for tonight. GN Guys..