EDIT – 365

Magic @ the Golden Hrs.

I have been away from blogging for almost a week. Job kept me engaged and I did not want to stress myself with the Edit-365 project. I think art is a creative outlet from ur routine work and creativity can’t be forced. I really want to take time to enjoy the work rather than doing it for the sake of doing..

This long weekend I set out with my wife and 2 of our good friends for camping in the woods. The State park that we chose was very close to the beach and I wanted to wake my lazy bone at least a day to see how magnificent the early sunrise would be. And when I went on Monday morning, I wasn’t disappointed with the scene that unfolded in fron of my eyes. The horizon was filled with vivid colors and when the first streak of the sun rose, it enriched all the colors in the sky for a brief moment making the scene absolutely awesome.

Technical Info : I used a ND filter to limit the amount of light to produce a long exposure, thus producing the silky effect with the water.

Ok All..Signing of for tonight. GN..



Yellow Stone – Grand Prismatic Springs

This post is the continuation to our 4 day yellow stone trip . Even on second day, we all woke up in the morning with absolutely no plans on where to go or what to see. We started from the beautiful log house we were staying in jackson Hole town, headed towards the south entrance of the park, took the Park map from the entrance and then made the decision as where we would be heading for that day.

The only plan was to keep travelling in the west direction. Look out all the geysers & springs , stop at all the wonderful lakes , admire all the pristine beauty and continue doing this till the sun sets. When the sun goes down, we would make a full 180 and head back to our cabin with no pitstop in between. Since no plans were made, we were able to enjoy everything and anything that we encountered.

Bright Flowers filled most of the area around the beautiful lakes.

On our way Exploring. The long roads were inviting.

Boiling Grand prismatic Spring.
Now when we saw this beauty in a close range, we saw that the spring was vivid in color. Our eyes were unable to capture the entire beautiful sight.  That is when we noticed the small hill and decided to climb it to check out the birds eye of this spring. I should tell you , we fell in love at the sight that we saw from the hill. Truly nature works its wonder in every possible unimaginable way.
Signing off for the day with lot’s of memories from this trip..GN folks..

Snow Photo Shoot

This photoshoot happened on o3/04/2012. And this one of my recent shoots that I have in my backlog to edit. The oldest dates back atleast 6 months.

This was the day after a heavy snow, when my good friend Benji invited for a snow photo shoot with a model. Little did I expect about the working conditions on the day after the snow. When we arrived to the forest preserve, it was just the 5 of us in the entire preserve ( 2 photogs , my beloved wife accompanying me everywhere , Model and her friend ). We immediately set down to work as we weren’t having the natures leisure outside in the snow.

This day it was fun. I learnt a lot from benji as how to setup speedlites for your shoot, how the combinations work in almost all conditions and he was kind enough to allow me play with his amazing gears and glass  85mm f1.2 and 200m f2.  We shot there in the cold for almost 2 hrs. My fingers were hurting like hell exposed to the cold, but our model was amazing and posed with different outfits and most of the times with no Coat or Jacket to hide in..

I have so much snaps to edit in this shoot, I have panned to post this shoot in series. So here we go my edit for the day

The Snow filled forest preserve

Model Shot with Umbrella as the background:

She was ready to pose in the biting cold with no coat and she managed to put on a sweet smile each and every time.

Quick behind the scenes. Benji explaining to the model, and my wife at the background trembling in the cold.

BEER is Bottled Poetry!!!

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”
~ Benjamin Franklin ~ (American Statesman, Scientist, Philosopher, Printer, Writer and Inventor. 1706-1790)

“When we drink, we get drunk. When we get drunk, we fall asleep. When we fall asleep, we commit no sin. When we commit no sin, we go to heaven. Sooooo, let’s all get drunk and go to heaven!”
~ Brian O’Rourke ~

What ever may be the Problem, The solution always boils down to one good can
~ Me ~

When one CAN can make me a philosopher, I can only imagine all the great minds it has produced in this world and the immortals behind this invention..Cheers !!!

Baby Ksenia

Yesterday I started my Edit-a-thon , my Edit 365 project .So this is my second post,  keeping my spirit up and running.

Started editing this beautiful baby snap today and fell in love with her wonderful smile. Chk out the Entire Gallery of her amazing smile here

Signing off for tonight. Have a GN guys 🙂

One a Day for the next 365 -> “Edit – 365”

My New “Edit – 365” project 🙂

There is a long list of Snaps in my comp, that i haven’t posted or Edited. The backlog has been building pretty heavily and I have decided to edit at least 1 pic per day. Most people take up the 365 project, to take one pic per day. But I think I have to take this project to edit atleast one pic per day . This would in turn force open me to look at my old pics, which otherwise I would have not bothered to open. All these , I believe would make me to learn lot from my past as what to do and what not to..

What’s more efficient than learning from ur own mistakes..

With the Accomplished mission. Signing off for the night :)..