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Live your Life..Like a Fairy Tale ..

Posting snaps from the recent Photo session..Loved the couple smile and the pictures reflect the beauty of Love..



Varun ❤ Namrata

Officially the first photo shoot in Spring. After two weeks of good rain, flowers have started to Blossom every where. Finally it’s a relief from the cold weather. We headed to the Busse woods with two newly wed couples. The two lovely couples made the frame complete with their presence.

A quick sneak peek from today’s shoot.


Pavan ❤ Ashu

A beautiful Love story of the couple in Love ..

Pavan_Ashu_Peek a Boo Pavan_Ashu_filmy

Pavan_Ashu_In_LuV Pavan_Ashu_Lake_Luv Pavan_Ashu_Tiled

Couple In Love :)

You can always fake a Smile..But a Laugh has to be Hearty..

Laugh Vs Smile

A smiling pic makes an image beautiful, but a hearty smile makes it Gorgeous 🙂

Laughing Couple

Vijay – Soorya Couples Shoot

This couples / friends accepted for an outdoor shoot. So what is so special about this shot is, It was shot in the Subzero temperatures of North Dakota. This was taken in Harsh conditions as the mercury dropped to -23 °C / -9°F. So when the weather was all against us, the electronics started playing spoil sport. The batteries started dropping dead and the flash misfired 9 out of 10 times 🙂 not to miss the fact that  we started loosing senses in our hands and toes. And we were just out for 30 mins :).

Though we suffered from bitter cold. Now when we look back at the snaps , we see the all smiles and happy memories.

The smoke was just from the heavy breathing in Cold ..

In Luv

The Strongest is the Weakest

Loose Yourself








Winter Wonderland


Winter Wonderland

Couples Photography (Prasu & Ramya )

Had a fun shoot this weekend with my school mate and friend prasanna. He got recently married and I wanted to do a couples shoot with him..Some Sample pics from the shoot..


♥ & ♥ only – Couples Photography

Today Eve I had a wonderful shoot with a lovely couple. This lovely couple happen to be our friends and next building neighbors. We headed out this afternoon to Temple and to enjoy the drizzling rain. This couple as all Venus & Mars are exact opposite , but it holds true with both these that the opposite is the one that holds and keeps attracting them towards each other.

“A woman whose smile is open and whose expression is glad has a kind of beauty no matter what she wears ”

“Love is the most abiding power of the world”
This eve shoot def added into our best moments list. You can check out my entire list of snaps in my flickr link.