Snow Photo Shoot

This photoshoot happened on o3/04/2012. And this one of my recent shoots that I have in my backlog to edit. The oldest dates back atleast 6 months.

This was the day after a heavy snow, when my good friend Benji invited for a snow photo shoot with a model. Little did I expect about the working conditions on the day after the snow. When we arrived to the forest preserve, it was just the 5 of us in the entire preserve ( 2 photogs , my beloved wife accompanying me everywhere , Model and her friend ). We immediately set down to work as we weren’t having the natures leisure outside in the snow.

This day it was fun. I learnt a lot from benji as how to setup speedlites for your shoot, how the combinations work in almost all conditions and he was kind enough to allow me play with his amazing gears and glass  85mm f1.2 and 200m f2.  We shot there in the cold for almost 2 hrs. My fingers were hurting like hell exposed to the cold, but our model was amazing and posed with different outfits and most of the times with no Coat or Jacket to hide in..

I have so much snaps to edit in this shoot, I have panned to post this shoot in series. So here we go my edit for the day

The Snow filled forest preserve

Model Shot with Umbrella as the background:

She was ready to pose in the biting cold with no coat and she managed to put on a sweet smile each and every time.

Quick behind the scenes. Benji explaining to the model, and my wife at the background trembling in the cold.

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