Eve Stroll in a State park..

Two weeks ago, I took my Tokina 11-16mm to a  local state park see how it performed . When I was Idle sitting thr, enjoying the weather I couldn’t help notice that the park was filled with cyclists. Every one enjoying the brief good weather and no one wanted to be miss it sitting at home. I setup my camera very close to the cyclist path and kept shooting every one who came by, There were some waving at me. Some weren’t happy getting filmed. But I was very happy to see how wide my lens could capture and  enjoyed the wide perspective it was producing.

Technical info if any one is interested : Shot at 11mm and converted to B&W using Light room.

Pls chk for more images @ my Flickr gallery.

And Finally I couldn’t help but stand there and take a picture of me in the wide perspective.

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